Surprise You Are A Mom !: {DIY} Christmas Ornaments


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

{DIY} Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is almost here! I'm so excited!
When the holidays come around I love to decorate. I have a hard time picking holiday decor or sometimes its not in my budget to buy them. So I got creative and made these easy paper ornaments that anyone can make! 

Check out my tutorial here:

The materials that you'll need are:
Scrapbook Paper 
Paper Trimmer (Optional) 
Glue or Stapler 
A Circle object to trace


1. Cut the scrapbook paper into 1 inch wide strips. You can create different sized ornaments by cutting the length.

2. Create an asterisk pattern with 4 strips. Glue the middle of the strips to get the asterisk form.

3. Next you'll glue the ends together. To make it easier you can staple it together. 

4.Once you are done with that you'll grab the circle object to trace on your scrapbook paper and cut it out . 

5. Then you'll cut 2 slits for your ribbon to go through. Make sure to tie a knot then add your glue and place it on top of your ornament.

My daughter loves her tree with her new paper ornaments. 
This is a great inexpensive option to decorate and customize your ornaments. You can create these ornaments with pipe cleaners or anything of your choosing. Just get creative :) 

What holiday DIYs or crafts have you been doing ?
I love hearing from you so comment down below :)