Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Chairs, Accidents, and Training Pants, Oh My!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Potty Chairs, Accidents, and Training Pants, Oh My!

Potty training.
Every parent cringes to those words.
There are a million of ways to training your little one. There are different techniques from  the potty boot camp to start training them at months old. All of them are great and have the same end result. As a parent you have to determine how and when is the right time to potty train.

Some toddlers start training at age 2. Others start much later. As the parent, you have to make the call when it's the best time to start. Don't be embarrassed if other mothers are glorifying their children's ability to use the bathroom. Within the parent circle it can feel as if it's a competition of how early they learn how to use the bathroom and other numerous accomplishments.
You have to relax. Just focus on your son or daughter's needs. Keep an eye on any signs. Such as the classic crossing legs sign or showing interest of the toilet is also an indicator. If he or she seems to be uncomfortable when they have a dirty diaper, then it might be time to take the voyage of potty training.

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Before you start, you must be mentally prepared. You might think that this is crazy. But you have to understand that this experience will be at times be mentally and physically exhausting. I prepared myself day by day reminding that my daughter is just a toddler and has a limited amount of vocabulary to communicate with me. Patience and being positive is key.
Now to get the items you will need . First off there are a variety of potty chairs to choose from. Depending on your budget you can splurge or just get the basic one. 
The most basic potty chair will work just fine. Sometime purchasing a chair with their favorite character can encourage them to use it. My daughter was delighted to see her Sesame Street friend, Elmo. It made the idea of potty training a bit more fun.

Children react to rewards. Having a reward system will help with the process. We had a sticker and cookie/M&M system with my daughter and it worked. Any time she used her chair to pee she would be so excited to pick out a sticker and put it on her chart. Cookies/M&M's are meant for number two. 
Being consistent and positive helps your son or daughter to become a big kid. Also be enthusiastic anytime they use the bathroom. Screaming out "You did it!" like a cheerleader may look silly but it makes your child feel proud. It keeps them motivated. 
Want to get rid of those diapers?
I couldn't wait!
Diapers can get expensive overtime. I decided to purchased my daughter regular cotton underwear and training pants. I did a combination instead of sticking with only one. Having her in regular underwear was at times a nightmare at the beginning of this adventure. Many accidents were cleaned up . But she learned quickly in order to stay dry she had to use the potty chair. 
The training pants were used only during bedtime/nap time or when we went out. 
After a while I started to pick up on her potty routine. It was to a point that she no longer needed training pants during bedtime or nap time. We still use the training pants when we go out.
I’ve tested her boundaries with regular underwear by going for a walk. There were a handful of times she was great with no accidents but there were one or two occasion where she couldn’t help it. 
Remember that this is challenge not only your child but you as well. One day it would just click in their heads of how to use the bathroom. Some kids learn faster than other.
But overall they just need a you to be positive and patient.

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