Surprise You Are A Mom !: My {2015} Goals


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My {2015} Goals

Good bye 2014!!
Hello 2015!
This past year there have been some changes. 
We bought a new house, Jinx turned 3, got a puppy and many more in between. 
2014's New Year's Resolutions wasn't completely checked off my list. 
I had the good intentions of doing so and had a great start until we bought the house. 
But instead of focusing on the negative, I want to focus on the positive. 
One of 2014's new year's resolution was to buy a house. We were starting to outgrow our apartment. We found our home but it came with an emotional roller coaster of getting it. But we finally got it at the end of February 2014!! Yay! 
My next goal which was a blog goal was to be more active on my facebook page
This has lead to having 87 Likes on my page
Some might think that's not a whole lot but I started with 10 likes. And most of them were friends. 
So I'd like to Thank You for liking my Facebook Page :)
Another Blog resolution that I feel I have accomplish was to photograph or film myself and my family. I always had this fear that my identity will be stolen. But I thought about it more and found myself laughing at my logic. So I decided to share fully my family and me through not only pictures but through vlogs too! I was encouraged by Nicole from mommytipsbycole when I met her earlier this year. 
I have to admit it wasn't easy. I still say "um" a lot in my videos or stutter and still learning how to edit my videos too.

You can View my YT video here or continue reading down below :)

 Now that 2015 is almost here I want to share my New Years Resolutions:
1. Excising/loosing weight 
I am not wanting to be super model thin. I want to be fit. I want to get back into shape.
It's going to take time to get used to going back to the gym but it will be well worth it.
My goal would be to loose 10 to 15 pounds in 2015. Seems achievable right?
2. Finish my 2013 Project Life Album & 2014's too!
I guess you can say I power scrapbook cause I got 2013's January through April done in 4 to 5 nights. But never finish. Mainly cause I am limited with printing pictures which cost money and we are trying to save so my scrapbooking sometime is thrown to the back of my priority list.
I want to get these memories documented for my family so we can look back at our changes.
3. Improve My Blog & YouTube Channel
This year I've improved my blog visually. I try to have it easy on the eyes for you, my readers:)
I still have more to improve on whether it is the aesthetics or the actual content.
These past few weeks I've noticed more subscribers for my channel! Yay!
I no longer have 5 subscribes which were mainly friends or family but now I have 67 subscribers!
I can't wait to continue to grow and connect with you! So keep liking and commenting.
4. Getting a Job
We have been living in a one income household. Which has been fine but there were times that it would of been nice to have a dual income. Now that my daughter will start school in August, my husband and I both feel it's a great time for me to go back to work.
I'm excited and nervous. I hope I can find a job that pays well, good hours and located conveniently.
5. Save Money
This is associated a bit with #4. It's always great idea to have a little something for a rainy day.
We hope to save money now that we had majority of the things we needed for the house out of the way.
6. Finish Home Improvement Projects
I can name about 3 projects that I would like to see finished this year.
One of them is painting my kitchen walls. If you see my Vlogs then you have seen my blue walls (husband's idea). I like the color on it's own but next to my red dinning room walls not so much.
Another project is finish painting our super tall walls in the staircase area. You can tell where we gave up painting. Last project I would like to see done is our front yard.
We pulled out all our plants cause it was basically a jungle. Nothing matched so we took it out. And now it's bare. All you see are our tall sprinkler heads. So hopefully we get it done this spring.

Those are all my goals for 2015.
It's not lengthy list but I feel like it's do-able.
What are your goals for 2015 ? 
Do we share similar goals? 
Then comment down below and share it!
I love hearing from you <3