Surprise You Are A Mom !: {DIY} Valentine's Day Art


Monday, February 9, 2015

{DIY} Valentine's Day Art

Valentine's Day is just few days away!
The day to celebrate the day of love.
Or for some "oh crap I need to buy a gift ASAP!"
Today I'm here to share a quick DIY that I'm sure your other half will love and appreciate. 

I always love to create rather than to buy. 
Don't get me wrong I still love getting jewelry for valentine's day but I also love it if it came with a personal touch. Whether it's a handmade card or actual gift is always nice. 
In this DIY we will be making Valentine's day inspired canvas.
The supplies that you'll need are:
Paint (colors I used are: pink, red, black & Robin's Egg but you can pick whichever)
Paint Brushes
Cup of water

Check out my process video how I made them

Here are some close ups pictures

I hope you enjoyed this DIY 
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We still create these activities and my daughter enjoys making them.

Happy Valentine's Day!