Surprise You Are A Mom !: InstaNatural Essential Oils {DIY & Product Review}


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

InstaNatural Essential Oils {DIY & Product Review}

This small bottle of essential oils can do a whole bunch of work from cleaning to healing or smoothing. 

I have to say when I first open the InstaNatural Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oil Bottles it was a strong smell. After all these are essential oils and like any essential oils they come in a dark glass container. The lid of these bottles are droppers. Which I like since it is easier to control.

I love to create DIY cleaners for my home especially since I have a little one around and pets too. 
With the Lemon Essential Oil I like to make a Bathroom Scrub. DIY cleaners are not hard to make and are usually created with items already in your home.
To create it you would need:
- 1 part dish soap
- 1 part baking soda 
- a few drops of water until the mix becomes a paste
-then just sprinkle a few drops of the lemon essential oils 
With this scrub you can't store it so make enough as needed. 
I apply this scrub on my sink and bathtub/shower. Then rinse and buff dry. Not only will your chrome/metal faucet shine but your bathroom will be clean and smell amazing!

The peppermint essential oil smells very energizing and refreshing.  
I personally use it as a wake me up
After turning on my hot shower I had a few drops of the peppermint essential oils to my liking. 
This can also help you if you have a stuffy nose.
You can use this same method as a night time routine but with lavender essential oil. This will help you calm down and get a restful sleep.

My husband at times has a tense neck and the peppermint  essential oils help relieve his neck tension. Just by adding a few drops on your hands and massage your neck. 
InstaNatural Essential Oils is a great product and would recommend it.
The only thing that I was a bit disappointed were that there was no guide or recipe how to use these essential oils. If you are a newbie then this might be a little discouraging but not something that you can't find a solution for. There are a bunch of recipes/tips on how to use these that it is not hard to figure out.
Now that you know some of my essential oil recipes/tips I would love to know what are yours?
Comment down below and share.
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Disclosure: I want to thank Brandbacker & InstaNatural for sponsoring today's product review. All of my opinions are a 100% honest. I would not recommend anything that I wouldn't personally like/purchase.