Surprise You Are A Mom !: Moxxi Approved Pet Products {Review & Giveaway!}


Friday, March 13, 2015

Moxxi Approved Pet Products {Review & Giveaway!}

I recently had the pleasure to hang out with Lisa Samples from Life With Lisa for a #PetTalesParty she was hosting. 
She introduced me to so many new pet products that I have never heard of and thought that I'd share with you !

If you follow my instagram you probably know that I am a pet owner of both cats and a dog. But you might not know that I have 4 cats and just one dog. That's a lot furry love!
So I try my best to find the best and effective products out there in the market. 
These Out! Pet Care Body Mist and Easy Spray Shampoo are amazing! 
The shampoos made Moxxi smell great! I loved that I was able to apply the shampoo easily and fast since its a spray. These shampoos targets a specific skin or coat issues and has Vitamin A & E for a healthier skin and coat. If you have a dog that needs help with moisturizing the skin and coat then Oatmeal shampoo with Brown Sugar scent would work well. But if you have a dog that sheds way to much then the Shed Stop Shampoo is a better option. This doesn't completely stop your dog from shedding but with the Pro Vitamin B5 it helps reduce excess shedding and has a sweet berry scent too!

I giggled a bit when I was introduced to the Body Mist. I just thought it was a funny concept but I later found out how useful this product is. The Body Mists are intended to eliminate all odors and to freshen your dog between baths therefore it gives pet parents an extension till their next doggie bath. An added bonus to these products is that you can scratch and sniff the sticker on the bottom of the bottle so you know what the product smells like. Rather than opening the bottle or spray it and creating a mess. You can find these Out! Pet Care products at your local Walmart.

The next couple of products are from Vet's Best. 
Vet's Best Flea and Tick products are made with natural ingredients which contains no Chemical pyrethrins or permethrins, safe and effective total pest protection that can used be inside the home and the yard. 
Since they are safe to be used inside the home they do not stain clothes, flooring or furniture and are able to use around children too!
I was attracted to these products mostly cause we live in Florida but we live right next to a dog park. I'm always concern with Moxxi bringing home those nasty bugs. 
We now use the Flea & Tick Outdoor Fogger on our backyard. I would recommend this product even if you don't have pets cause it not only kills fleas, flea eggs and ticks by contact but it also repels mosquitoes. Living in Florida we always have mosquitoes and this has repelled them. It's definitely a product I will continue to purchase. 
We use the Flea & Tick Wipes on Moxxi before we go outside and come back inside the house. Not only can use these wipes on your dog but it can also be used around the house from counters to furniture. If you need to solve flea and tick problems then I would recommend the Flea & Total Protection Kit it includes a Flea & Tick Spray Shampoo to clean pets of an existing infestation, Flea & Tick Home & Go Spray and Flea & Tick Spot-On Treatment
Since all these Vet's Best Products are made with a unique natural blend of Peppermint Oil & Clove Extract in my opinion it smells amazing! You can purchase this Vet's Best product line at your local Petco.

Being a dog owner a must purchase are doggie bags for those special gifts that your lovely pet leaves just for you. To make your life a little easier Bags On Board has these adorable Fashion Dispensers that are durable and cute but can also be easily attached to your dog's leash, harness, purse or stroller. This makes it less obvious that you are 'doody' pick up. 
Bags On Board has recently extended their Waste Pick Up Refill bags by an extra two inches! This creates more space for your dog's poop and makes it easier to tie the bags. Also they have upgraded the count from 120 to 140 bags for the Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags. That's an extra 20 FREE bags! 
To make it a little more fun they are available in new vibrant rainbow colors and new polk-a-bone colors plus popular scented and unscented packs!
Bags On Board has a product for those pet owners to help reduce the tactile sensation of picking up their pet's doody and also helps lock odor. They are called Hand Armor Waste Pick-Up Bags. These over-sized bags help protect the pet's parents hand and with the handles it makes it quicker and easier to close and prevent leakage.
At the party we received these Barron's Dog Training Bible which is perfect for me cause even though Moxxi is pretty good she still needs a bit of training. 
She still sometimes has peeing accidents randomly. But when she does its usually on the same spots. With Simple Solution Platinum Urine Blaster discourages repeat marking, neutralizes odors and cleans toughest urine stains. 
If you have a tough stain that's being a pain to get out then you can use Foaming Stain Lifter.

Even though Moxxi is not a cat she still approves of these Simple Solution Products
There were two products that peaked my interest which were the Never Scoop Litter and the Urinary Health Risk Indicator. Moxxi loves her sister cats (even though the love is not always returned) but she wants them to be as healthy as possible. The Urinary Health Risk Indicator is a great way to identify potential health Risk when it quickly changes color. This is added to any litter and is safe for pets . You might be wondering how it works. Once your cat pees and it turns purple then their pH is above 7 or if it turns yellow it means it's below 6 so you would need to consult with your veterinarian. This a great way to monitor your cat's health since cats are independent and tend to hide their illness.
Another great product from Simple Solution is the 30 day Absorbent Cat Litter! This litter us non-clumping which has the ability absorb the urine moisture and odor so your don't have to scoop their litter all the time. The litter lasts 30 days and its half the weight of competitive stand clay litter. Another product that I would think cat owners can benefit is the Cat Litter Attractant this will help aid in training your new kitty. It's very simple to use just by adding it to their litter and they will be attracted to it with it's Herbal Blend. These Simple Solutions are available at pet specialty retailers nationwide and online.

I would like to take the time to thank Lisa, Vet's Best , Simple Solution, Out! Pet Care & Bags On Board for letting me test out these products. 
I'm happy to announce that I'm hosting a giveaway!
You can win Barron's Dog Training Bible ($18.99 value) AND $12 worth of Out! Pet Care Coupons (total 4 Coupons; each $3 off) AND $10 worth of Bags On Board Coupons (total 5 coupons, each $2 off)
That's over a $40 value!!!
Giveaway STARTS 3/13/15 and ENDS 3/27/15 12 AM!!
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