Surprise You Are A Mom !: Haiti Trip {VLOG}


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haiti Trip {VLOG}

Earlier this year we had a family matter that caused us to travel last minute. 
Even though the reason why we were there was due to a sad event we were grateful to have had the opportunity to visit my husband's family and his country, Haiti.
My husband, Bryan, hasn't been back to Haiti in about 10 years. You can say he was really excited to go back and show me his country.

Traveling with a toddler wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. We are lucky to only have one toddler so it was pretty smooth for us. This wasn't Jinx's first plane ride. But it was our first one as a family. Also the first trip traveling to a different country for Jinx and as a family.
I have to say that we had the best experience flying with Jet Blue. The staff was attentive, there was complimentary snacks and drinks and the seats were spacious with great legroom. My husband is a big guy so he needs as much room as he can get for a 2-3 hour flight.
When we were flying over Haiti and Dominican Republic. I have to be honest but I forgot that these countries have mountains. I was surprised and they look so amazing.
Once we landed at the Port-Au-Prince Airport the flight attendants opened the doors and we got to exit on the runway. I've never experience that before. The airport is really small so I'm assuming this is allowed. It was really loud and windy. Jinx didn't really liked it.
There was total chaos in my opinion once we exited the airport but this might be just the norm for the Haitians. Luckily my mother-in-law was there to pick us up with the driver. There were drivers trying to offer us a ride repeatedly. I can't blame them they are just looking to earn money.
Going through the streets of Haiti you got to see vendors selling pretty much anything.
This wasn't new to me since I've visited my parent's country, Nicaragua, in the past.

At Coconut Villa Hotel
We finally arrived at Coconut Villa Hotel. This place is my mother-in-law's family hotel. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful trees that creates wonderful shade. This feature is truly unique in the area.

Once unpacked we had lunch at the restaurant in the hotel.
My husband of course had to order Haitian Cola which is also called Couronne Fruit Champagne.
This soda is really sweet. I have to say pretty much everything that is sugary is pretty sweet but you'll get use to it. Even their ketchup was sweetened!
In Haiti you must order the griot. If you are not familiar to griot its basically fried pork served with rice and fried plantains. It was amazing. My husband and I ordered that a couple of times throughout our stay.
The following day we went  to another local hotel, Karibe Hotel, to have our large family dinner. We had family fly from Tokyo, New York, Florida for Momi Amour's ( bryan's grandma) funeral. Even though we were all here together for a sad event. It was nice to have everyone together for dinner which barely happens since we are all over the place.
I have to say Jinx had the most fun in the trip. She got to hang out with her cousins and run around pretty much carefree. 
Back home I'm by myself taking care of her. We normally don't rely on anyone else keeping an eye on her. It was just nice to not have to worry as much about Jinx. Cause I know an aunt, grandma, or cousin will keep an eye on her. I have to admit it wasn't easy relaxing to that idea. But it was nice to have that support system of the family.

Pizza Garden's famous pizza
Ever since I've dated my husband he always mentions of a restaurant called Pizza Garden that has the most delicious and unique pizza. We have replicated that pizza to a degree back home. Regardless it was great opportunity to taste the original.
This pizza is really cheesy and the sauce of the pizza is the cheese too. You might be scratching your heads and asking 'huh?' It's hard to explain unless you've had it before. Some don't like it but a large amount of people love it.
I finally had a chance to visit and dine at the famous restaurant.
My husband was surprised how much has changed. It was all nice with a bar and great atmosphere. Bryan mentioned that there wasn't any nice tables and chair but back then they would eat their pizzas on the rocks by the street with his brother.

At Club Indigo
Bryan and I went to Club Indigo. This place a is a beautiful resort on the beach. Most locals still call it Club Med.  The weather was wonderful and the beach wasn't crowded since most of the holiday vacationers have left.
They had pools and even a small jungle gym for the kids to run around.
For lunch we indulged in freshly caught lobsters.
Jinx wasn't really into it so she had burgers and fries. We always made her at least try the local cuisine when we were in Haiti. It was a hit or miss but at least she tried them.
My husband works from home but even though he works from home he is always busy.
This trip was actually good for him to get him completely away from everything.
I have to admit it was bit of vacation for me as well. Not to worry about daily chores or tasks.
We had a great time here and can't wait to come back.

Jinx got to experience her first fireplace and horseback riding in the mountains at Bryan's Uncle place. Bryan mentioned horseback riding to Jinx before arriving to Haiti. Every day till she rode the horse she asked if she's gonna see the horse. It was really cute.
She was a natural on the horse. Phillip, the gentleman who brought the horse asked if she has done this before. Maybe horseback riding lessons are in the future?

View from the mountains
Before we knew it our trip was coming to an end.
We had to say our goodbyes. 
It sadden me a bit cause I know that we won't make a trip to Haiti any time soon.
But that doesn't meant it will never happen.

Good Bye Haiti! 
If you want to check out my vlog of my trip then watch the video down below: