Surprise You Are A Mom !: {April 2015} LOOT CRATE


Sunday, May 3, 2015

{April 2015} LOOT CRATE

Sharing one of my husband's favorite monthly subscription, Loot Crate! 
If you are not familiar with Loot Crate it is a monthly subscription of about $20 per month.

You can do long term subscription of 3 months, 6 months and a year. The longer period of  the subscription then you can save a bit more. 
Also sharing your unboxing of the loot crate to the Loot Crate community gives you an entry to win the mega crate which can be worth $2,000+ of awesome gamer and geeky gear! 
Interested? Then sign up  here! 
Not only is this great for the gamer but great to share with the whole family. There are usually at least 4-8 geeky/gamer items determined on the month's theme. 
Depending on the items we share it with our family. This month's theme was Fantasy. 
We had Game of Thrones, Dungeon & Dragons and much more fantasy themed items.
My daughter loved the inflatable crown from Loot Crate Labs right away.
 A great item for her to play dress up with. 

My favorites of this loot crate were the Dungeon & Dragons T-shirt from Wizard of the Coast/Loot Crate Labs, The Princess Bride Playing Cards from Albino Dragon, and the EXCLUSIVE Game of Thrones USB Flash Drive from CustomUSB. The tshirt is great for my husband since he is a bigger gamer than me, the cards are great to play goldfish with the little ones or poker with adults and the USB flash drive is always great to have. 
I feel you do get your money's worth in every box. The tshirt and the princess bride playing cards value make up more than the cost of the monthly subscription alone. If you weren't into some of the items you can always gift it to some else or sell it so you don't hoard them. 

Don't forget to check out my unboxing of April's Loot Crate & see what other awesome items I got! 

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Are you a Loot Crate Subscriber? What were your favorite items? Even if you are not a subscriber comment down below and share your thoughts :)