Surprise You Are A Mom !: Crayon Crunch {KickStarter}


Monday, May 18, 2015

Crayon Crunch {KickStarter}

Recently Kai from Crayon Crunch reached out to me to help him out and spread the word of Crayon Crunch's KickStarter. 
Like with anything I do I research it to see what it's all about.

I have to say that I fell in love with it's art style. I even shared it with my friend that just graduated in Animation and she was very impressed with it too.
After being mesmerized with the art I wanted to know whether it was an app or a book
Looking through their website  I come to find out its a book. 
But not just any book. This book you get to customize the main character. 
And I'm not  just saying customize an outfit but the whole character to look like your son or daughter. Just like how you would personalize your character in a video game you would do the same with Crayon Crunch's main character. You would get to choose the character's skin tone, hair color & style, facial features and any special needs like glasses, wheel chair, prosthetic and more. 
After customizing your character you would get to read its story about a child who finds a magical box in the attic with a keyhole that is the shape of their first letter of his/her name.  
Since the key is lost the little girl/boy goes on a journey to meet fascinating characters that help find the key. 

When your son/daughter unlocks the box there is a surprise for your child. In this box there's a personal letter from a parent, family member, or friend who purchased the book.
How wonderful is that?! I absolutely love it! 
This wonderful book idea was inspired from co-founder Friederike Geiken when she visited her nephew for the holidays. It started when she purchased a personalized book where the name of the character is matched with her nephew's. Even though her family loved the book for her nephew she could tell that her nephew couldn't associate himself with the character. 
She knew that there had to be different way. 
From that point on Friederike got the help from Tim Osterbuhr and Kai Schmittat to launch Crayon Crunch. This originally started as a small project for Friederike's nephew to have a better book but it was transformed to become a mission to represent every child in a printed book. 

I can't wait for Jinx and I to customize her character together. I've showed her pictures of the characters and in her exact words were "Oh I love this!" Besides being excited about the character looking like Jinx, I'm happy that the character's name will be called Jinx as well. Finding her name on anything is pretty much non-existent. This makes it even more special.

In order to make this happen I would encourage you to donate Crayon Crunch's KickStarter which starts on May 18th, 2015 at 11 AM
If you can't donate then please spread the word! 
Don't forget to check their Facebook Page & Twitter to get their latest updates.

Disclosure: All the pictures of this blog post belong to Crayon Crunch. All my opinions are a 100% honest I would not recommend anything that I wouldn't personally like/purchase.