Surprise You Are A Mom !: Organize Pantry With Dollar Tree Items


Monday, June 22, 2015

Organize Pantry With Dollar Tree Items

Summer is already here! But that usually means kids getting into the pantry for snacks more often than you'd like. By the end of the week your beloved pantry needs to be organized. 
My pantry on the other hand has become neglected for a period of time. And having wired shelving doesn't make things easier. Things tumble so easy that it just doesn't look like I even attempted to organize it and can become very frustrating.

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I decided to change this chaotic mess to a manageable pantry that the whole family can use.
My biggest motivator to start this was not only cause of the mess but my daughter is going to start school in the fall. And that means getting out the door in the morning with her lunch box ready. Having an organized pantry will become a time saver in the future. 

Welcome to my messy pantry!
I headed to my local Dollar Tree to get started. 
Below you can see some of the items I picked up. I mainly stick with bins and containers. 
Originally I was going to use the foam boards as a base for my wired shelves but I have such an awkward size that it cause more work than I would of liked. So I completely abandoned that idea.
As you can tell I went with a green themed. Mainly cause my cereal containers that I purchased years ago were also green. 
All my supplies came under $25! 
How awesome is that!?

First thing I did to start organizing is to completely clean out the pantry
Just a heads up your kitchen will be a war zone but that's okay it should be back to normal in no time. During this time you will start condensing your items, checking for expiration dates or setting aside items that you can donate as long as they are not expired. 
Next step is to clean your shelves
You'll take a rag and an all purpose cleaning solution of your choosing and wipe down the shelves.
Since I have wired shelves all the crumbs and dust fall to the floor so I swept and mopped this area.

You might have this problem if you eat out. Over time you have accumulated multiple packets from various restaurants. I don't know what you do with them but I've been hording them in a lunch box just in case they forget to give me a packet. To be honest I've only used this "emergency" stash maybe twice. So I decided to condense it to 3-5 packets of each kind in a green container that came with a lid. I grouped them to make it easier to access. The rest of the packets I just threw out.  
I would recommend you to rotate these packets every 3-6 months since there is no given expiration date on the packets.  

This next step is optional. I got these adhesive label holders in the office supply section of the Dollar Tree and thought these would be perfect to label the containers. You can write out your items with a pen or marker but I decided to stamp them. It created a nice touch to the labels. 
The stamp and the stamping pad are items that I've already had but you can purchase them at your local craft store. 
One of the great things about these labels is that they already come with it's paper and perforated to size. I personally have bad luck with tearing them nicely so I used my scissors instead. 
When I was done I slide it in it's holder and place them on the cylinder containers. But you can place them pretty much anywhere you want. 

I only labeled on the cylinder containers to avoid the confusion of sugar and flour. 
All the contents in the containers I use too often that they would run before it even expired but I did label one with a expiration date on the top with washi tape to stand out. 

Here is the final product of my pantry! 
I didn't want to go into detail of how to group each shelf since every family is different and have different size of pantry. This has worked for my family for the last two months. My husband was really impress and loves to grab his snacks without going through an expedition to find it. 
I have to say that getting my pantry organized has helped me with my grocery shopping. I don't have to second guess if I have certain items anymore. 
I hope this has inspires you to get your pantry organized too! 
Comment down below: What's your biggest challenging area to organize? Or share your Tips & Tricks on staying organized. 
I love hearing from you!