Surprise You Are A Mom !: Update Vlog: Quitting Blogging? | 10.26.15


Monday, October 26, 2015

Update Vlog: Quitting Blogging? | 10.26.15

I want to apologize to my followers for not posting anything for a while. 
There has been some changes in our household. 
I recently started my new career as a Real Estate Agent.
And the  company that I work for has a lot of training/classes opportunity to make sure we as Real Estate Agents are knowledgeable. And I've been learning a lot. I've recently hosted an open house by myself. It is tiring but I do love meeting people. Having worked in the hospitality business in the past and becoming a stay at home mom I've realized that I missed the interactions with people. 
Another thing that has been going on is that my husband lost his job a few months back.
He has gone through one interview process but decided not to go with him.
It was such a disappointment for all of us when he didn't get.
I know he is not under qualified. It's a shame that now a days most jobs you would apply for doesn't even have the option to get in touch with an actual person. Instead they just look at a profile and move on to the next applicant. 
One question that my husband and I dislike in the application is the desired salary. I feel that if you put too high of an amount that they would filter you out or if you put too low that they might consider you but would be skeptical. 
My friend recommend going to recruiters to find a job but the ones that we found didn't really do much.My husband is working with a recruiter and is signed up for a temp job. There is something in the works for November. So hopefully it goes through. But we are not holding our breaths for it.
We are surviving on savings but that is coming to an end. Since I'm a real estate agent I don't get paid until I sell home. So it's not like I'm getting paid hourly.
I know things will get better but I want it to happen sooner rather than later.
This period of time has been really stressful on our family. It has been to a point that it cause me to go to a slight depression. Hence my absence on my blog, YT Channel & social medias.
I'm hoping to find a balance with my new job and family life to becoming more productive in on my blog. Thanks for sticking with me!